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SFA Housing Areas

The housing for personnel at Innsworth Station is spread sheet over 7 Service Families Accommodation (SFA)areas around Gloucester - Ashchurch, Churchdown, Hucclecote, Innsworth, Kingsway, Quedgeley and Tewkesbury.
Ashchurch camp, which is12 miles from Innsworth Stn and 2.5 miles from Tewkesbury. There are 11 Officers' houses and 30 Other Ranks (OR) houses.  Ashchurch is a village on the outskirts of Tewkesbury. The railway station - Ashchurch for Tewkesbury is in the village. There is a Primary school, church and petrol station and shop nearby.
There are 32 SFAs at Churchdown 2 miles from Imjin Barracks and and of various types and styles.
The 6 SFA (OR) are on a new small development, near Brockworth. It's 4 miles from Innsworth Station same 4 miles from Gloucester. In nearby Hucclecote and Brockworth there are doctors' surgeries, vets, pharmacies, post offices, shops, Brockworth Childrens Centre, churches, libraries, and Community Centres. There are primary schools and senior schools in Brockworth. There is shops complex on Delta Way. Gloucestershire Business Park, across the road from the SFAs.
Imjin Barracks is between Gloucester (5 miles) and Cheltenham (8 miles). The 320 SFAs (Officers and Other Ranks) are by the Barracks. The 120 Officers SFAs are across from the Barracks, and of various types and styles. The 200 ORs SFAs are adjacent to the Officers SFAs. They are all styles, some with garages. 
In Churchdown (1 MILE) there is a doctors' surgery, dental practice, post office, library, supermarkets, hairdresser, pubs, florists, opticians, bakers, churches, Community Centre and GL3 Community Hub. There is a shop, barber/hairdresser and Community Centre in Innsworth. There is an infant school and junior school in Innsworth and also infant and junior schools and senior schools in Churchdown. There is a jigsaw Children's Centre based at Innsworth Infant School and at Parton Mo nor Infant/Junior School in Churchdown.
The 69 SFAs at Kingsway are on a new estate, south of Gloucester, 6 miles from Innsworth Stn. The Officers' and OR SFAs are in the same streets. The houses are a mixture of officers; and Ors, of various types and styles. Our military families live alongside civilian families. On the Kingsway its there are 2 pubs, small and large supermarkets, hairdresser, take-away,vets and Community Centre.  

There are 8 Officers' SFAs at Quedgeley, half a mile from Kingsway and 5.5 miles from Innsworth Stn. At Quedgeley, there are doctors' surgeries dental practice, pharmacy, vets, post office, library, supermarkets, retails shops and Community Centre and Community Hall. There are two primary schools on the Kingsway site, and there are also primary schools nearby in Quedgeley and Hardwicke, and a senior school in Quedgeley. 
The 37 SFAs (ORs) are on the Wheatpieces estate, on the outskirts of Tewkesbury, 8.5 miles from Innsworth Stn. Our military families live alongside civilian families. On the Wheatpieces estate, there is a retail area - a shop, vets practice, Chinese take aways, fish and chips shop and estate agents, a primary school and a community centre.

In Tewkesbury centre, there are doctors' surgeries, dentists, community hospital, pharmacies, post office, schools, banks, vets, churches, opticians, speciality and antique shops, cafes, restaurants, theatre and pubs. The main shopping areas are on the High Street, Church Street and Barton Street. Tewkesbury Leisure Centre with swimming pool, gym, fitness classes, is on the outskirts of the town. 

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