Adventure Training

Armed Forces personnel require mental and physical robustness to withstand the rigours of military life. Except for when deployed on operations, Adventurous Training is the only way in which the fundamental risk of the unknown can be used to introduce the necessary level of fear to develop adequate fortitude, initiative, and leadership to deliver the resilience that military personnel require. Adventurous Training contributes to recuperation from the mental stress of operations by reintroducing the concept of fear in a controlled environment. Adventurous Training is a key military training activity which supports operations effectiveness and the ethos of the Armed Forces.

The Joint Services Adventurous Training Scheme enables 3 broad levels of progressive participation, which allow participants to develop personal and professional attributes. It enables personnel to obtain Leader and Instructor qualifications, subsequently allowing them to deliver Adventure Training for the benefit of other Service personnel.
COMARRC invariably includes Personal Development Training in his annual priorities, of which Adventurous Training is considered to be an element. HQ ARRC supports a number of Adventurous Training activities each year. These include, but are not limited to, skiing, offshore sailing, sub-aqua diving and rock climbing. In addition, a single higher level Adventurous Training expedition code-named Exercise SELVA BACKSTOP is conducted yearly, which encompasses difficult treks over land and sea tracing the footsteps of military pioneers across the world.
Last updated 31 January 2018

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