Exercise Overview

The modern world is unpredictable and challenging.  The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps must be able to deploy worldwide to achieve a wide range of potential missions including: disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, peace support operations and high intensity war fighting. Meeting these challenges requires us to be open minded and flexible; characteristics imbued by our multinational ethos.

We continue to build upon our strong reputation for delivering success in difficult and complex environments. Our links to academia, frequent developmental study periods and training mean we remain at the forefront of NATO’s military thinking. We are able to evolve, transform and adapt the way we do business in order to ensure we can meet future challenges. 

Training is essential to accomplish this. Periodically, the Training Page will showcase the most recent major training exercise the ARRC is using to enhance the HQ. Pursuing academic excellence, personal fitness, and support to other exercises may also be highlighted here.


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