ARRC hosts distinguished visitors during ARRCADE FUSION

Nov 20, 2014
(St. Mawgan, Cornwall) — On Thursday, the Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC) hosted civil and military distinguished visitors from more than 15 countries at exercise Arrcade Fusion 2014, in St. Mawgan, UK.

The ARRC has been an important and tested NATO Corps-level headquarters for more than 20 years. Today's visitors were able to see how the ARRC trains to meet the many challenges of tomorrow.

Exercise ARRCADE FUSION 14 has tested HQ ARRC whilst it commands two divisional and one brigade headquarters from across Europe and North America. The exercise swelled the 450-strong headquarters to close to 1000 personnel, designed to ensure the Innsworth-based NATO headquarters is ready for any potential short-notice call-up it may receive in 2015.

The exercise is being conducted at RAF St. Mawgan, Cornwall, UK, and runs 03-21 November 2014.

Participating in this exercise are units and troops from ARRC Partner Nations Czech Republic, Canada, Italy, the United States, as well as personnel from Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and others – all-in-all totaling some 2000 military and civilian personnel.

Additional notes for the Editor:

HQ ARRC is a NATO Rapid Deployment Corps headquarters, founded in 1992 in Germany, and headquartered in Gloucestershire since August 2010.

Although HQ ARRC’s ‘framework nation’ is the United Kingdom, comprising approximately 60 percent of the overall staff, the ARRC is fully multinational in nature and organization, with 15 Partner Nations contributing the remaining complement of personnel (Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Turkey, and the United States).

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