1 Signal Brigade supports Help for Heroes

Jul 8, 2014
July 8, 2014 SFC LaSonya Morales, HQ ARRC INNSWORTH - The sun hid behind patches of thick-dark clouds, while the rain poured down like cats and dogs, as team mates huddled under tents in an attempt to keep warm and dry until it was time to hit the trail. Despite the weather the mission must go on. Brig. Tim Carmichael, commander, 1 Signal Brigade, Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC), hosted Exercise Javelin Chase (EJC), July 8-9.
The race was organized to raise funds to support the Help for Heroes charity. EJC is a 24-hour running race where 8-man teams will compete to see which team will complete the most laps on a one-mile course in 24-hours. The winning team will be the team that has completed the most amounts of laps in the time period. This could vary from 150 to 200 laps. Each team had to raise a minimum of £250 to participate in EJC. "This is a charity race to raise money for Help for Heroes, which is a national charity that looks after the needs of injured military serving members and former service members,” said Brig. Carmichael. He said they hope to raise a total of £5000 if not more and every single penny will be donated to Help for Heroes charity. The event took place at the sports field behind HQ ARRC Officer’s Mess.
The course was on grass and tracks with no tarmac that winds around and through the woods. As if it wasn’t going to be challenging enough to run 24-hours, the rain on opening day would make it a little more testing. "I rather it was nice, cool and dry,” said Sgt. Chris Proverbs, G1 Branch HQ ARRC, but I look forward to the challenge. Maybe I can swim around it later.” Plans were made to get through the late hours and damp conditions. Headlamps were lit, warm clothing were donned and the race went on through the night. By the next morning the sun was shining and there were tired bodies, but the excitement and feelings of accomplishment were still there.
At the finish of the race Brig. Carmichael said he was tired but really overwhelmed with all the participants. He said it will make a difference and those who need it most will feel that difference. "They came here today and ran for 24-hours,” said Brig. Carmichael. "What they have done is the things we like to see in our soldiers’ sailors and airmen team spirit dedication, willingness to win while supporting Help for Heroes charity.” Being that many of the nations assigned to HQ ARRC has provided major contributions during OIF and OEF, suffered many losses and injuries, finding a way to give something back in any form is good. "Participating here today is the least I can do to support our serving service members and prior service members,” said SSgt. Mathew Anderson, 299 Signal Squadron, Special Communications. So many service members have made the ultimate sacrifice and many lives have been changed.” He said he thought it would be a good event to get involved in to maximum effort and participation.
In the 24-hours a combined total of 2426.00 miles were covered, with the winning team, 299 Signal Squadron, Special Communication running 222 of those miles, and 22 Signal Regiment coming in second with 217 laps. Coming in second was 22 Signal Regiment and third place was 30 Signal Regiment. "I am hugely impressed by the amount of commitment and dedication from a variety of 13 teams across HQ ARRC and units in 1 Signal Brigade,” said Brig. Carmichael. "What you have done today is fantastic.”

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