Soldiers from the 173rd Brigade support Exercise ARRCADE FUSION

Nov 9, 2014
Soldiers from the 173rd Brigade Support Battalion have been supporting Exercise ARRCADE FUSION at RAF St. Mawgan, Cornwall, UK, during November 2014.

The soldiers have travelled from their base in Vicenza, Italy, as the US Army contribution to the exercise. Whilst on exercise the soldiers will play the part of infantry units, reacting to, and providing feed back for, the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps headquarters during the ARRCs main exercise of the year. The exercise also provides the 173rdwith valuable training in a multinational joint operations environment.

Exercise ARRCADE FUSION 14 sees Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC) tested whilst it commands two divisional and one brigade headquarters from across Europe and North America. The exercise swells the 450-strong headquarters to close to 1000 personnel and is designed to ensure the Innsworth-based NATO headquarters is ready for any potential short-notice call-up it may receive in 2015.

Participating in this exercise are units and troops from ARRC Partner Nations Czech Republic, Canada, Italy, the United States, as well as personnel from Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and others – all-in-all totaling some 2000 military and civilian personnel.

Additionally, FUSION will present the headquarters with an opportunity to further develop training the ARRC’s capability as a NATO Force Structure Joint Task Force Headquarters.

An operational concept conceived by NATO, the JTF builds a land-centric headquarters, like the ARRC, into an element capable of commanding an entire military theatre of operations. For ARRC, this means adding both air and maritime personnel to its structure so that it can command air, land, and sea troops. To this end, military personnel from NATO Air and Naval forces will train with the ARRC and its many subordinate units for this exercise.

NATO has tasked the ARRC to train this way because in 2015 the HQ will be one of the first NATO JTF’s held by NATO for short-notice, rapid recall tasking.

(NATO photo/WO2 Ian Houlding GBR Army)

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