Exercise Arrcade Fusion 2015 and Baltic Host 2015

Nov 13, 2015

Baltic nations are conducting a host national support exercise in Lithuania for the sixth year in a row named Baltic Host. The exercise is an Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian annual pre-planned event focusing on Host Nation Support to incoming allied forces.

This year’s exercise is led by Lithuania, and was first conducted in 2009 in Estonia. A military exercise is traditionally linked to the training event in order to enable a shared scenario for the participants to communicate. The scenario helps the host nation planning byNational HNS Steering Committees and test the interaction of NATO Force Integration Elements, National, and NATO headquarters. Arrcade Fusion 2015 is that military exercise this year. See last year’s Baltic Host: http://www.mil.ee/en/news/8251/saber-strike-and-baltic-host-kick-off-in-latvia,-lithuania-and-estonia "It is a real honour to operate alongside the Lithuanian forces and I welcome this opportunity today to assure the people and government of Lithuania that NATO is ready to support its members when needed,” said Lt. Gen. Tim Evans, commander ARRC.

Baltic Host 2015 involves about 350 military personnel and representatives of civilian institutions from the three Baltic States. It will be conducted in a peace environment (no article V), addressing simulated internal and external threats in the region. The ARRC’s Joint Support Logistic Group deployed already in the territory of the Joint Staff of Lithuania is participating in order to help plan national resources for coordination on a regional level. Arrcade Fusion 2015 and other NATO exercises in the area have meant a great variety of vehicles and troops have arrived in Lithuania over the past several weeks. A successful coordination of their work is challenging and necessary to train.


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