AF15 Command Post Exercise portion set to begin

Officers and soldiers from Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, (HQ ARRC) complete final preparations before the start of Exercise ARRCADE FUSION 15 (AF15). AF15 is command post exercise that tests the headquarters’ ability to control simulated troop formations within a challenging and dynamic fictional security or humanitarian crisis. The diverse scenario planned for AF15 provides exercise evaluators with the ability to merge realistic global security threats into one environment to challenge and test the ability of headquarters personnel to devise innovative solutions. (NATO Photo / WO2 Dan Harmer GBR Army / Released)
Nov 7, 2015

About 200 members of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Headquarters staff, strengthened by attached UK Reserve and other NATO personnel, reached their destinations Friday, 6 Nov, in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to begin the command post exercise portion of Exercise Arrcade Fusion 15. This brings the total amount of participants to the announced 1,700 civilian and military personnel taking part in AF15 at locations across 4 countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, United Kingdom).

"Constant exercises, conducted in realistic environments ensures our forces maintain the highest levels of proficiency and readiness. The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps has established a deployable headquarters in Lielvārde Air Force Air Base for this exercise, which is a clear evidence that  Latvia is capable and ready to host the Allied forces,” says Raimonds Bergmanis, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Latvia.

Lessons taken from AF15 will be integrated into NATO’s Enhanced NATO Response Force (ENRF) and Very High Readiness Joint Task Force concept development. Concepts shared with NATO would be available for potential integration, but this exercise also serves as a milestone towards the UK’s role in the 2017 VJTF.

With the infrastructure in place at locations across Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, the elements of headquarters staff will now begin command post training using a simulation scenario which they have been following for months. The HQ will maintain their command and control of the simulation force while making a transition from the UK to new locations.

"1 Signal Brigade is proud to be at the forefront of this important NATO HRFL exercise. The team has been flexible in delivering its core output,” said British Army Major Barrie Terry, Deputy Chief of Staff, 1 (UK) Signal Brigade. "The endstate for HQ ARRC is a HQ which is well connected, well supported, and well sustained; demonstrating real agility.”  


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