2017 NATO Response Force

In January 2017 HQ ARRC assumed responsibility as the Land Component Command (LCC) element of the NATO Response Force (NRF) during a ceremony at Imjin Barracks whereby the ARRC commander, Lieutenant General Tim Radford, assumed responsibility from the commander of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Spain. Over the course of 2017 HQ ARRC acted in its capacity as the LCC during one of NATO's capstone exercises - Exercise NOBLE JUMP 2017 - and supervised the movement of approximately 5,000 NATO troops from across Europe to NATO's periphery in Romania, the first time in NATO history such a movement had been conducted. In November 2017 HQ ARRC executed its own capstone exercise, Exercise ARRCADE FUSION 2017, which saw the command and control of five separate divisions in a notional setting whilst simultaneously and successfully testing the ARRC's 'Survive to Command' concept.
HQ ARRC relinquished NRF responsibility to NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Italy on 10 January 2018.
Last updated 31 January 2018

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