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 Feb 1 2023

Soldiers challenge themselves on Alpine adventure training

INNSWORTH, GLOUCESTER, UK - Soldiers from across the NATO alliance took part in Exercise Snow Master 23, in Stubai, Austria. The is an annual ski training exercise hosted through the UK Army’s adventure training program aimed to enhance mission readiness and personnel capabilities.

Exercise Snow Master provides an opportunity for our Soldiers to hone their skills and acclimate to operating in a sub-zero environment. - Lt Gen Nick Borton, Commander ARRC

Through the adventure training program, personnel are provided various opportunities to develop their leadership and push themselves outside of their comfort zones. Snow Master 23 was no different, taking approximately 60 Soldiers of varying skill levels to the mountains and pushing their limits to the highest peaks of Stubai.

As the highest and most extensive mountain range within Europe, Snow Master chose the Alps to host this year’s training. The exercise provided an opportunity for serving personnel to learn a new skill or enhance their own existing abilities. Despite the temperatures regularly dropping to -10 degrees soldiers who are able to at variety to their work patterns prove to be a far more effective force.

From those who have never put on a pair of skis to those who regularly visit the slopes, this adventure training challenged everyone’s grit, determination and ability to persevere in the face of adversity. Over the course of two weeks, the instructors broke the groups up into four different ski foundation (SF) groups determined by skill and experience. SF1 was designated for those who were novice or beginners to alpine skiing, while SF3 was for the more advanced skiers and incorporated several aspects of arctic tracking across undeveloped slopes. Each level enhanced a different capability of those attending the exercise.

“Participants were purposefully pushed, tackling personal fears and challenges that incorporated a controlled exposure to risk. This ensured the improvement of teamwork, morale and improves the overall operational effectiveness of the HQ ARRC staff,” - Maj. Gavin Dickerson,

Story by ARRC Public Affairs Office

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