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Jun 9 2023

Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Beating Retreat Parade 2023

IMJIN BARRACKS, Innsworth, Gloucester - The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) showcased its military precision and honoured distinguished local dignitaries during a Beating Retreat parade held on Thursday evening. The prestigious event, held at the ARRC headquarters in Gloucester, welcomed the Mayors of Gloucester, Tewkesbury, and Cheltenham, along with the esteemed guest of honour, Admiral Sir Keith Blount KCB, OBE, who is soon to assume the role of Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

Under the glowing evening sky, ARRC headquarters witnessed a mesmerizing display of military music, ceremonial drill, and pageantry. The event aimed to celebrate the strong bonds between the military and the local community, as well as acknowledge the vital role played by these dignitaries in fostering cooperation and support for the armed forces.




Leading the distinguished guests and spectators, Admiral Sir Keith Blount, an accomplished naval officer with a decorated career, was greeted with immense respect and admiration. Having served in various high-ranking positions, including commanding the UK Maritime Forces, Admiral Blount's imminent appointment as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe adds to the significance of the occasion.

The Beating Retreat parade, a time-honoured tradition in military culture, unfolded with precision and flair. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the immaculately dressed troops of the Army Band Colchester and the Pipes and Drums of 4th Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland, enhanced by their gleaming instruments and polished uniforms, took their positions on the parade ground.

Under the baton of the Bandmaster, the musicians showcased their exceptional talent, performing a repertoire that included both traditional military marches and contemporary pieces. The synchronization of their movements and the harmonious melodies resonated throughout the ARRC headquarters, captivating the audience, and creating an atmosphere of pride and camaraderie.


The ceremonial band, composed of highly skilled musicians, demonstrated their discipline and precision with a series of intricate formations and drills. Their flawless execution and unwavering focus left the spectators in awe, highlighting the rigorous training and professionalism of the men and women serving in the ARRC.

During the event, the Mayors of Gloucester, Tewkesbury, and Cheltenham alongside other guests from the area had the opportunity to witness the military's commitment to excellence first-hand. They expressed their gratitude for the ARRC's dedication to safeguarding the region and fostering strong ties between the armed forces and the local communities. The presence of these esteemed civic leaders further underscored the deep appreciation and support that the people of Gloucester have for their military counterparts.

Admiral Sir Keith Blount, in his role as the guest of honour, conveyed his heartfelt appreciation for the ARRC's exceptional performance and the warm reception extended to him. In his address, Admiral Blount emphasised the importance of NATO's collective defence and highlighted the critical role that the ARRC plays in ensuring regional security and stability.

As the evening drew to a close, the Beating Retreat parade left an indelible mark on all those in attendance. The event not only showcased the ARRC's unwavering commitment to excellence but also celebrated the enduring bond between the military and the local community.

With the imminent assumption of Admiral Sir Keith Blount as the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, the parade served as a symbolic passing of the torch, heralding a new chapter of leadership and collaboration in NATO. The ARRC, alongside its local partners, reaffirmed their dedication to upholding peace and security, both within the region and beyond.

As the sun finally set on the ARRC headquarters, the echoes of the Beating Retreat parade resonated, leaving a lasting memory of a remarkable evening.

Story by ARRC Public Affairs Office

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