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Jun 23 2022

Project PROMETHEUS - Wargaming

This is not innovation theatre. Change is underway and it is here to stay. A group of officers at the Lt Col level and below are experimenting with new ways of thinking, planning, and wargaming in the HQ.

Their enthusiasm and energy have been harnessed through Project PROMETHEUS which consists of three components: (1) new planning approaches, (2) new decision-support tools, and (3) new wargaming and simulation techniques. Together, these components create a responsive system that enables greater agility in military thinking, saves time, and produces shorter, more concise and clearer orders.

In a series of what has been called "planning crucibles," the ARRC staff has brought together a wide range of stakeholders in NATO and the UK to test a system of systems to foster more expedience in decision-making. "This is incredible and inspiring," notes Serge Da Deppo, the founder of the NATO Innovation Hub.

This is a winning collaboration to have NATO Allied Command Transformation work more closely with operational headquarters to test new concepts and ideas. This is the way forward to deliver change

During the early part of Planning Crucible II in May this year, new wargaming techniques illuminated gaps in the corps plan which resulted in the need to change task organisations and required a new branch plan. This normally is done in 6-12 hours but by using the decision-support tool, Onebrief, it took only 3 hours to complete a plan and 20 minutes to issue a fragmentary order.

Red versus Blue, two teams battling it out on a wargaming simulator using all their strategy and planning experience to beat the other, the system is more akin to Chess than Call of Duty.

During the wargaming innovation day for Project PROMETHEUS, a variety of platforms were demonstrated. These ranged from tactical manoeuvre with a digital game called Combat Mission to a disinformation simulation with Conducttr. Corps activity was gamed at all levels and across all dimensions.

The goal of Project PROMETHEUS is to integrate these tools and systems into the corps headquarters for broader testing and use. They will aid in preparation for the upcoming ARRC NATO Response Force mission and validate them for wider use in NATO.

Story by Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Public Affairs Office

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