Allied Land Command conducts Senior Enlisted Conference at HQ ARRC

Senior Enlisted Advisors from across NATO gathered at HQ ARRC February 5-7, 2018 for Allied Land Command's inaugural Command Senior Enlisted Conference. (NATO photo by US Army Staff Sergeant Mike Sword)
Feb 9, 2018
INNSWORTH, UK – NATO’s Allied Land Command held its first-ever Command Senior Enlisted Leader conference, here, February 5 - 7.

The conference, hosted by Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), brought together senior enlisted leaders from across the NATO force structure, including Command Sergeant Major Davor Patek from Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, to strengthen the enlisted leader network across NATO as well as to discuss non-commissioned officer force development efforts and initiatives.

"This event provided the ARRC with the opportunity to demonstrate how it employs NCOs to best support the Alliance whilst still meeting our commander’s objectives,” said British Army Command Sergeant Major (WO1) Allan Ridler, the ARRC’s senior enlisted advisor. "Both [the Supreme Allied Commander Europe] and [the ARRC commander] place people at the heart of their main effort and this event recognises the significance of the NCO corps in delivering mission success.”

During their conference the assembled senior NCOs also discussed the way forward in strengthening the role of the NCO.

"Much of our discussion this week centred around NCO development and leadership and this event is just one example of the many ongoing initiatives that will help us maximise the NCO human capital,” said Ridler.

Bringing together the enlisted leaders of NATO regularly gives them a chance to look at the way forward for their subordinate NCOs. As the mission requirements of NATO and the ARRC continue to expand, the role of their enlisted troops will be more important than ever.

"Building effective relationships and working partnerships is critical when operating within a diverse and dispersed multinational environment,” said Ridler. "It’s been great to meet with my fellow senior enlisted leaders from across the Alliance to discuss matters that are common to us all, regardless of nationality.”

"It’s clear that we have many significant and similar strengths and challenges that unite us as soldiers,” he added.

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