The British Army Adjutant Generals Corps Orienteering Championship

HQ ARRC soldiers compete in a British Army Orienteering Championship. Orienteering in the Army is classified as an individual military training, and is a distinct form of navigation training. (ARRC graphic by WO2 Hutch / Released)
Oct 18, 2016

INNSWORTH, UK -  The British Army Adjutant Generals Corps (AGC) Orienteering Championship was held on 5 Oct 2016 in Farnham.  The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, always seeking opportunities to compete, sent a six person team to take part in the event.  The team was comprised of a representative from each of the rank groups; three Junior Non-commissioned Officers, one Senior Non-commissioned Officer, one Warrant Officer and one Commissioned Officer.

The aim of military orienteering is to enhance physical fitness and to contribute to operational effectiveness, fighting spirit, morale and personal development.  Orienteering in the Army is classified as individual military training, a distinct form of navigation training, normally taking place in rural areas (although many camps are now mapped) where it is possible to navigate freely between control points on foot.  It can be used as a component of Military Annual Training Test (MATT) 5 - Land Navigation, a mandatory annual competence test for Army personnel. 

The team, although relatively inexperienced at competing, entered the Major Units category, competing against other British Army units and headquarters of a similar size, finishing in a respectable middle position among the field. The hope is to enter more of these competitions in the future and increase opportunities for the ARRC soldiers to improve individual skills. Opportunities like this remain open for all ranks who join the ARRC. Contact assignments offices to learn more.

 Story by HQ ARRC Public Affairs Office


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