HQ ARRC salutes flags of joining Albania and Croatia

Service members from the ARRC on Parade to mark the Albania and Croatia flag raising ceremony.
Jul 14, 2016

Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC) held a national flag raising ceremony at Imjin Barracks honouring the arrival of Albania and Croatia as the two newest participating member nations, July 14.

Service members from HQ ARRC gathered as flags representing the two new nations were raised, signalling their official welcome to the unit.  

"Today we welcome Albania and Croatia, two fine nations with great histories and traditions,” said Lt. Gen. Tim Evans, CBE DSO, commander of the ARRC. "I hope you have a busy but enjoyable time and I welcome you and both your nations to the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.”

"It is the utmost honour and privilege to be the member of HQ ARRC, one of the most prominent HQs in NATO Force Structure, both for me as a soldier personally and more importantly, as a proud member of Croatian Armed Forces," said Croatian Lt. Col. Tihomir Belas. "I would like to add that, by participating in HQ ARRC, Croatian armed forces accepted great responsibility and by doing so, we are sending message to all of our allies that we are firmly standing behind our common values of freedom, security and solidarity."

The additions mark a significant step in one of the most diverse, multi-national headquarters of the 9 NATO Rapid Deployable Corps HQs, bringing the ARRC’s number of represented nations to 21.


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