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Realism Key to ARRC Training Success

Aug 24, 2017

During the last 15 years, servicemen and women of many militaries throughout Europe and the world have learned the art of war fighting in the streets, mountains, cities and deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan during Operation Iraqi Freedom and the NATO International Security Assistance Force mission, respectively. Those lessons learned in combat returned to dictate training to the next generation of war fighters and has led to some of the most battle-tested military formations in decades.

NATO troops back home safe after deploying for NOBLE JUMP 17

Jun 21, 2017
Military personnel from NATO headquarters celebrate the end of exercise NOBLE JUMP 2017, all NATO troops safely redeployed back to their home military bases around Europe.

Chief of Staff of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corp visits NFIU Romania

Jun 9, 2017
On 8 June 2017, the Chief of Staff of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corp (COS ARRC), Major General Will BRAMBLE, visited NFIU Romania (NFIU ROU). Given that this was the first NFIU that he visited, the engagement’s purpose was to learn more about the functioning of NFIU structures as well as the manner in which NFIU ROU tackled the RSOM (Reception, Staging and Onward Movement) during exercise Noble Jump 2017.

Exercise NOBLE JUMP 2017 - NFIU Romania and ARRC's Enabling Command

Jun 1, 2017
As Noble Jump17 (NOJP17) started to receive convoys on Romanian territory, NFIU ROU received the visit of  BGEN Torsten GERSDORF, the Commander of the Enabling Command, HQ ARRC (Allied Rapid Reaction Corps).

Noble Jump 2017 exercise: VJTF convoys roll into Romania via Giurgiu-Ruse border crossing

Jun 1, 2017
The first of the eight convoys of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) that are to participate in the Noble Jump 2017 exercise entered Romania Thursday morning coming from Bulgaria via the Giurgiu - Ruse border crossing.

NATO Operation Noble Jump: Thousands of troops assemble in South-Eastern Europe

May 31, 2017
NATO has started a huge exercise called Noble Jump in South-Eastern Europe, which will last until June 22, 2017. The purpose is to test the so-called Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) concept. The barracks in Cincu (Romania) are the center of the training activities. But troops will be deployed in Bulgaria and Greece as well.

Security bureau chief: strong Polish-British relations good for European security

Feb 22, 2017
The head of Poland’s National Security Bureau (BBN), Paweł Soloch, has said that strong Polish-British relations serve to "maintain the UK’s participation in Europe's defence system including after it leaves the EU".

Gloucestershire troops will be on front line amid fears Putin will start World War Three

Jan 13, 2017
Military chiefs at the Imjin barracks in Innsworth spearhead a joint force of 5,000 troops which is on standby in case hostilities between NATO and Moscow escalate as thousands of American troops and hundreds of tanks make their way to the border between Poland and Russia.

UK steps up to take command of NATO task force

Jan 11, 2017
UK forces have taken command of NATO’s Response Force’s Land Component and its flagship Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), committing thousands of troops to be on standby and ready to deploy within days.

An incredibly important ceremony took place at Imjin Barracks today - this is why

Jan 11, 2017

The Allied Rapid Reaction Corp, based at Imjin Barracks in Innsworth has just taken responsibility for the ground element of the NATO Reaction Force 2017. It assumed command today at a ceremony where the previous commander Lt Gen Francisco Varelal of the NRDC of the Spanish army handed the command banner to the commander of the ARRC Lt Gen Tim Radford.

Everything there is to know about the ARRC and its new role

Jan 11, 2017

When the heads of the NATO countries met in Newport in Wales 2014 they decided to increase the alliance's ability to respond quickly, and together to emerging threats. The two major issues driving the decision to create the NATO Response Force was the threat from an increasingly aggressive Russia on the eastern border of the alliance and from so-called Islamic State in the Middle East. As part of the improved NRF the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force was also created.

UK Takes Command Of NATO Response Force

Jan 11, 2017

Responsibility for NATO's principle response force has officially passed to the UK this morning. The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps or ARRC based in Gloucestershire is now in command of the enhanced NATO Response Force which must be ready to deploy to any global threat within hours. 



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