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Welcome to the Welfare Office where our goal is to provide a responsive service that meets the needs of soldiers, officers, their families, and the unit leadership. This support is for Allied Rapid Reaction Corp members from all nations and civil servants. With all welfare matters (less a few exceptional circumstances) there is a strict code of confidentiality that respects the privacy of individuals involved.


Unit Welfare Officer (UWO) 
  01452 362557  
Unit Welfare Warrant Officer (UWWO) 
  01452 362554    
Welfare Reception
 +44 (0)1452 362550

Office Opening Time: Monday - Thursday 0830-1630
Friday 0830-1400 

Welfare Support

The Welfare Office provides support to service personnel and their families based at Innsworth Station - Headquarters  Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, ARRC Support Battalion, Headquarters 1 Signal Brigade and 252 Signal Squadron. Welfare also provides support to personnel and families from Joint Support Services Unit (JSSU) and Joint Cyber Unit (JCU) at the Government Communications HQ (CGHQ) Cheltenham and to 721 Station Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Regiment at Ashchurch. The trained welfare officers deal with welfare needs/cases from personnel and their families. They listen to, advise and provide support. When needed they will refer to other agencies for more specialist advice, ( Army Welfare Service).

Welfare Social Media Team

The Welfare Social Media Team are responsible for organising and facilitating events for families. The events such as coffee mornings, kids movie teatime, kids disco, seasonal craft activities and bingo evenings are held in the the Innsworth Station Community Centre. There is a Welfare Facebook site, (below), which is monitored by The Welfare Media Team and Welfare Reception. It is used to pass on information/notices of meetings, events, etc, in the Community Centre and in the local area. Personnel and spouses can apply to join the site.

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Welfare Office

Office Opening Time:
Monday - Thursday 0830-1630
Friday 0830-1400
+44 (0)1452 362550