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 Bldg. 578                                           +44 (0) 1452 7181491


Mondays - Friday  07:00 - 18:00                            Weekends: Closed

The gymnasium may be open during leave periods at a reduced time frame this information will be posted on the gymnasium information board. All times outside of the time frames outlined above will be classed as out of hours.


Station facilities include a fully equipped gymnasium including a wide variety of cardio and resistance training equipment. 2 multi-sport floors, full-size Astro pitch, and squash courts.

The gymnasium includes 2 male changing rooms and 1 female changing room which all include toilet and wash facilities. With the squash court including a 1 each male and female toilet and wash facilities.


Machine Area


Deadlift Area


Blue Floor Area


Red Floor Area


Astro pitch


Squash Court


Individuals wishing to use the gym must go through the induction process. Gymnasium induction take place every Tuesday & Thursday at 1600. hours alongside the gymnasium Out of Hours (OOH) pass issue.

The induction process will be conducted as a group at 1600 hours, anyone failing to be present at the beginning of the induction will have to attend another day. No exceptions will be made. Anyone unable to make the timings must arrange an alternative day/time by emailing the gymnasium group mailbox at ''.

OOH Gym Pass

Gym passes are available to all permanently stationed personnel who wish to have 24-hour access. All dependants, civil servants, and contractors must have a gym pass to use the facility.

All individuals must pay a £5 refundable deposit to acquire a gym pass. Loss and/or damage to the pass will result in forfeit of the deposit.

The deposit paid for the fob key will be refunded at the end of your assignment, ensure you return to the gym whilst completing the booking out process.


Civil Servants and dependants are also required to complete an induction prior to their first use of the gym (see process above) and complete a gymnasium PARQ.  They are also required to pay a yearly insurance of £35.00 to allow them to be covered under the gymnasium's liability insurance. All civil servants and dependants must also pay £5 refundable deposit for an OOH gym pass.

Payment Process

Individuals should approach the gym to book their induction, once the induction is completed they will take the paperwork to the Regimental Account Staff Sergeant Millington in ARRC Support Battalion where he will process the paperwork. You will receive a receipt to show that you have paid and then take the receipt back to the Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor in the gym. He will update his records and then you will be able to use the gym for your fitness/training. 

Fitness Testing

Every first Wednesday of every month (minus leave periods and extreme circumstances) will be a station Role `Fitness Test soldier (RFTs) open to all personnel. Booking must be confirmed with a member of the gymnasium staff beforehand. All timings for the day will be confirmed 1 week before.

The remaining Wednesdays (minus leave periods and extreme circumstances) of each month will be tri-service testing (Soldiers Conditioning Review (SCR), Royal Airforce Fitness Test (RAFFT), Royal Navy Fitness Test (RNFT), Royal Marine Fitness Test (RMFT), RAF and RN testing will start at 1000 hours, Army Testing will be conducted at 1100 hours. There will be no requirement to book before.

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