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Sports & Fitness

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 Bldg. 578                                           +44 (0) 1452 7181491


Mondays - Friday  07:30 - 20:00                            Weekends: Closed


Personnel wishing to use the gym must go through the induction process. To book an induction you need to phone the gym on the telephone number above during the working day and gym staff will inform you of the process and what is required of you.


Civil Servants, Police and dependants are also required to complete an induction prior to their first use of the gym (see process above).  They are also required to pay a yearly insurance of £35.00 to allow them to be covered under the gymnasium's liability insurance.

Payment Process

Individuals should approach the gym to book their induction, once the induction is completed they will take the paperwork to the Regimental Account Staff Sergeant Millington in ARRC Support Battalion where he will process the paperwork. You will receive a receipt to show that you have paid and then take the receipt back to the Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor in the gym. He will update his records and then you will be able to use the gym for your fitness/training. 

Gymnasium Facilities

The changing rooms and showers are now available to use, however due to health and safety precautions, the water station situated in the main gym is currently out of use for the foreseeable future.

All persons using the fitness facilities are required to use a towel during workout and have cleaning materials with them at each station. 

New Gym Fob Key Available

Imjin Station Station Gym Fob Key is now available for out of hours(OOH) use: Mon - Fri 20:00-08:00 and anytime on the weekends.

More details can be found on the flyer and you can also apply for a fob key by scanning the QR code with your smartphone and completing the online form.

The deposit paid for the fob key will be refunded at the end of your assignment, ensure you return to the gym whilst completing the booking out process.


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