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1st (UK) Signal Brigade

The 1st (United Kingdom) Signal Brigade is based in Gloucester at Imjin Barracks and commands, prepares and generates forces that are held at high states of readiness to support current and future operations all over the world. Professional, motivated and innovative, brigade units deliver robust and resilient Combat Command Support (capabilities which assist commanders in the exercise of command), Communications Information Systems and Real Life Support (accommodation, power, medical support, feeding) to formations including:

• NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC)
• The Joint Rapid Reaction Force
• The Vanguard Aviation Force
• The Air Assault Task Force
• The Vanguard Field Hospital
• The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)


The 1st (United Kingdom) Signal Brigade is made up of four specialist units, some of which are equipped with some of the most up to date communications technology in the British Army. Each unit is trained to carry out a unique and challenging role in support of the overall brigade mission and is prepared to deploy at short notice anywhere in the world.

The ARRC Support Battalion, based in Gloucester, provides a bespoke and resilient staff working environment, which can be deployed anywhere in the world at short notice to allow the ARRC to carry out its command role in any type of conflict. The battalion also provides the crucial real life support and protection that enables this key headquarters to focus on its operational role.

The 22nd Signal Regiment, based in Stafford and Gloucester, UK deliver Information Communication Systems to the ARRC HQ at their permanent base in Gloucester and when deployed on exercises or operations overseas anywhere across the globe. The regiment innovates using new and existing systems to provide robust and reliable communications that enable the command and control of a large multi-national force across the spectrum of conflict.

The 30th Signal Regiment, based in Bramcote, UK is a high readiness unit that provides bespoke communications support to the Joint Rapid Reaction Force, Vanguard Aviation Force, Air Assault Task Force, Vanguard Field Hospital and the ARRC. The regiment has small specialist teams prepared to deploy to trouble spots worldwide at a moments notice to provide communications for military planners and liaison staff. The 30th Signal Regiment also forms the headquarters for the Queen’s Gurkha Signals.

The 299th Signal Squadron (Special Communications) is a small specialist unit that provides communications and command support direct to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office overseas operations.

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