Deputy Commander

Major General Roberto D’Alessandro was born on 15 June 1959 in Sulmona, situated in the Italian province of l’Aquila. In 1978 the general started his career at the Military Academy in Modena, from which he graduated in 1980 to be commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in the Artillery Corps. Subsequently he attended the Officers Technical School at Turin. Now holding a Bachelor degree in Strategic Science D’Alessandro was promoted and assigned to 121 Air Defence Artillery Regiment, first as section commander and later as battery commander.
In 1988 D’Alessandro served at the general Staff of the Army as a staff officer in the operations office, during which period he attended the Basic Staff Officers Course. The Advanced Staff Officers Course at the Italian Army War College followed in 1995. Promoted to Major he served in Operation "Joint Endeavour” as part of the Multi National Division South-East in Bosnia. Upon his return in Italy he assumed command of 1 Air Defence Artillery Group of 17 Air Defence Artillery Regiment, after which he came back at the Army general Staff where he was appointed Chief of Plans Section.
After attending the US Army War College (Pennsylvania, USA) in 2001, the general received his Master Degree in Strategic Sciences. The next year he was appointed Commander of 17 "Sforzesca” Air Defence Artillery Regiment to be deployed with his unit to Albania at the NATO Head-Quarters in Tirana from July through October 2003. Following his return, he was assigned to the Army General Staff once more. This time as Chief of the General Affairs Office and later in 2006, as Chief of the Plans Office in the Operations Department. Following these appointments D’Alessandro served as Deputy Department Chief in the Army Operations Centre of the General Staff of the Army.
2008 brought his second deployment in Bosnia, now as Deputy Commander of the European Union Force (EUFOR) in Operation "Althea”.
Major General d’Alessandro commanded the "Pinerolo” Mechanised Brigade from 23 January 2009 to 28 September 2010, which included a five month tour in Kosovo, leading the Multinational Task Force West as part of Operation "Joint Enterprise”. The next year and a half he acted as Deputy Chief of the Logistics Department of the Army General Staff, to become Commander of the Italian "Acqui” Division and Deputy Commander 2 Defence Forces HQ in San Giorgio a Cremano (Naples).
Since 17 October 2014 major General Roberto D’Alessandro is Deputy Commander Allied Rapid Reaction Corps in Innsworth, United Kingdom.


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