Command Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Major Stuart Davison

Away from operational assignments, Command Sergeant Major Davison has served in several instructional roles.  As a corporal he instructed at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick and was a member of the Combat Infantryman's Course single trial team.  As a Colour Sergeant he instructed at the Anti-Tank Division at the Support Weapons School in Warminster.  He has additionally worked with the Operational Training Advisory Group (OPTAG) as an augmentee on two separate occasions due to his experience on operations in Iraq and Northern Ireland.

During his 26-year career Command Sergeant Major Davison has been stationed in England, Northern Ireland and Cyprus, and has trained in the United States, Australia, Germany, Belize, Brunei, Canada, the Falklands, France, Jordan, Kenya, Jamaica and Papua New Guinea.  He has completed three tours of duty in Northern Ireland, one in Iraq and two in Afghanistan on Operations HERRICK 12 and 17.

Command Sergeant Major Davison was appointed to be the Command Sergeant Major for the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps in February 2019, having completed two years as Command Sergeant Major for the 1st (UK) Division.  Prior to his time with the 1st (UK) Division, he was the Regimental Sergeant Major for 1st Battalion, The Mercian Regiment.

Last updated 10 April 2019


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